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LaTeX on Ubuntu

One of the strengths of Ubuntu and other Linux distributions is their software repositories which contains a wast number of diverse applications. This makes installing and updating applications very easy for the user. However, this is also one of the challenges from the provider of the Linux distribution because these repositories need to be kept […]

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BankID and Java plug-in in Firefox on Ubuntu

If you have problems running BankID (Norwegian Internet bank authentication) in Firefox on Ubuntu I might have the solution. I did at least have some problems starting BankID or more correctly starting Java in Firefox on Ubuntu. I had already installed Sun’s Java implementation following the instructions I wrote about earlier. Then I had to […]

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Upgrading Ubuntu

I am using Ubuntu at work and I am equally impressed every time when I upgrade it. Upgrading the operating system actually works! I still remember trying to upgrade older Windows operating systems and I am not trying that again (must be said that this is some years ago). The Ubuntu Linux distribution is released […]

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