Installing Subclipse on Ubuntu using the repository version of Eclipse

When writing (LaTeX) and programming I normally use Eclipse. To backup the code and text I use Subversion and the Eclipse plug-in Subclipse. The Ubuntu repository has for a long time had a dated version of Eclipse. However, when I reinstalled one of my computers yesterday I saw that Eclipse 3.5.1 was available through the […]

Subclipse-SVN in Eclipse-Cannot Create Tunnel

If you have problems using Subclipse inside of Eclipse and get an error message containing “cannot create tunnel” you might want to change the SVN interface you are using. For some reason JavaHL (JNI) does not always work. I have not figured out why but the problem disappears when using SVNKit. If you want to […]

A PhD on Open Source on Open Source Part 2 – Software for Writing Papers and Thesis

In the first part of this series of blog entries I introduced some basic features of open source software (OSS). In the second and following parts I will discuss open source software I use to make my day as a researcher simpler. One of the most important activities related to research is publication and dissemination […]