Blu-ray playback (sort of) comes to Linux

The lack of playback of Blu-ray movies has stopped me from installing a Linux distribution on my HTPC. However, according to a blog post from The Media Viking, this is now possible. It is still a bit cumbersome, but it seems better than the old recipe. I have personally not tested it yet, but I […]

How to speed up very slow Firefox-browsing on Ubuntu

Lately, probably after running some Firefox upgrade on my Ubuntu (9.04) machine, surfing has been very slow. Firefox has used a lot of resources and it has taken a very long time to open pages. Luckily, by disabling IPv6 it was quite easy to speed it up. The steps below should do the trick (thanks […]

LaTeX on Ubuntu

One of the strengths of Ubuntu and other Linux distributions is their software repositories which contains a wast number of diverse applications. This makes installing and updating applications very easy for the user. However, this is also one of the challenges from the provider of the Linux distribution because these repositories need to be kept […]

Linux (Ubuntu): Left mouse button (mouse1) not working propperly

I had this strangest problem with my mouse on Ubuntu. When using the left mouse button in a window, for instance Thunderbird, it was grabbing and moving the whole window rather than selecting things within the window. If I pressed the thumb button on the side of the mouse and the left button at the […]