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Why are digitally distributed products so expensive?

Recently I complained about Canal Plus’ C Sports awfully high prices. Paying close to €20 for streaming a Premiere League game, is in my eyes way too expensive. While I am a very big fan of digital distribution I wonder why so many digitally distributed products have to be so expensive. Digitally distributed products are […]

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The higher you are, the farther you fall

Everyone knows that there are a lot of ignorant people in the movie/music industry. It has for a long time annoyed me and most other customer of the movie/music industry that the industry’s only response to piracy is legal prosecution of downloaders instead of actually providing the digital global, DRM-free, and platform independent services we […]

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St€am to offer games in “local” currency

Valve announced that they are going to start offering games through Steam in “local” currency. The local currency in Norway is according to Valve Euro. Last time I checked, Norway was not part of the European Union and our local currency is still “kroner” (Norwegian crowns). Offering games in Euro could have been fair enough […]

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