Why are digitally distributed products so expensive?

Recently I complained about Canal Plus’ C Sports awfully high prices. Paying close to €20 for streaming a Premiere League game, is in my eyes way too expensive. While I am a very big fan of digital distribution I wonder why so many digitally distributed products have to be so expensive. Digitally distributed products are […]

C Sports: Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo

The Good: C Sports is the services I have been waiting for. I would like to enjoy Premier League football from time to time, but I don’t really have time to watch that many games. Hence, I don’t really bother to pay about 3000 NOK (€370) per year for the whole Canal+ package. Having Premier […]

Playing Youtube videos in Movie Player on Ubuntu 9.04

Apparently there is a bug in the Movie Player Youtube-plugin, distributed with Ubuntu 9.04.This bug gives you a message saying Could not open location; you might not have permission to open the file, when you try to open a Youtube video. Fixing it was rather easy. Have a look at the solution provided by M.Srinivasaverman […]

How to speed up very slow Firefox-browsing on Ubuntu

Lately, probably after running some Firefox upgrade on my Ubuntu (9.04) machine, surfing has been very slow. Firefox has used a lot of resources and it has taken a very long time to open pages. Luckily, by disabling IPv6 it was quite easy to speed it up. The steps below should do the trick (thanks […]