Blu-ray playback (sort of) comes to Linux

The lack of playback of Blu-ray movies has stopped me from installing a Linux distribution on my HTPC. However, according to a blog post from The Media Viking, this is now possible. It is still a bit cumbersome, but it seems better than the old recipe. I have personally not tested it yet, but I […]

Video color problems with trailers from Apple and content from NRK with Ubuntu, Totem, and Movie Player

I have not used my Linux computer that much to watch trailers from Apple and TV from NRK, but I have sometimes experienced problems with a blue-green tint on video content. Since I have not used it that much, it has not really been a major problem. However, it has been a bit annoying. The […]

What it takes to become a computer expert

Being the one in the family with some computer skills, it was in the beginning (early/mid nineties) quite fun to be asked to help people out with the computers and computer problems. Later, when everybody started asking about everything it was not so thrilling any more. Luckily, these days are generally over. Computers don’t break […]

BankID and Java plug-in in Firefox on Ubuntu Part 3

I recently updated to Ubuntu 9.10. The new Ubuntu version comes with a lot of new packages, including a new version of Java (6.16). Unfortunately, the newest Java plugin from Sun for Thunderbird depends on version 6.15. As a consequence, you’ll get an error message like the one below if you try to install the […]

Flash videos in Firefox on Ubuntu with AMD64

Video Games | EpicBattleCry | Skirmish 50 XBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii I have for some time had problems with flash videos in Firefox on my AMD64 Ubuntu machine. I normally use the computer for work so it has not really been that much of a problem. However, I hate not being […]