Counting the number of pages in a Word document without the front page

To count the number of pages in a MS Word document without the front page you do the following Press Ctrl+F9. Word inserts an empty set of field code braces Type an equal sign and a space Press Ctrl+F9 again. Word inserts another empty set of field code braces Type NUMPAGES and a space. Position the […]

Spaghetti sauce, research, and product development

I came by another interesting video at ted. The speaker talks about how there are no “one best product”, people rather prefer different things. However, people are generally unable to put what they like into words. Though the speaker talks about pasta sauce, his points are easily relevant to research and product development. The bottom […]

Motivation for people having cognitively challenging work

I recently came over a great presentation by Dan Pink who talks about motivation for people who have cognitively challenging work. He argues that businesses have relied too much on extrinsic incentives (money) instead of intrinsic incentives. He suggests that people should be given autonomy and allow the to work on purposeful task they can […]

A PhD on Open Source on Open Source Part 7 – Managing Publications and BibTeX

When doing a PhD, next to writing, the most important thing you do is probably reading. It is necessary to read what others have done to find interesting research questions and to avoid doing the same as other researchers. It is at the same time important to position your own work in relation to what […]

A PhD on Open Source on Open Source Part 6 – Running Windows Applications on Linux (No More Windows Whining With Wine)

Wine is an open source implementation of the Windows API, meaning that it enables you to run a wide variety of Windows applications on Linux. I have known of Wine for quite some time but as normally have had a Windows computer around I have not gone to the trouble of installing it. I guess […]