Most anticipated games for 2008

Inspired by the Rawgameblog and Second Take’s Fall Games Preview I decided to make a list of my most anticipated games for the rest of 2008. These are the games which I consider getting my hands on unless they utterly fail and get really poor critics. There are plenty of other games which look very […]

Digital distribution will prevail

It is no secret that I like digital distribution over the Internet. I do not have any need to gather hundreds of CD, DVD and game covers  which only occupy space and gather dust. To get rid of this problem I have started to digitalize my music and movie collection. I will probably write more […]

The thing that should not be sold (like it is): Tkort

According to the local newspaper, commuters in Trondheim has been unhappy (1 2) with the public monopoly situation and the local bus company for a long time. Team-Trafikk (the buss company) says, not surprisingly that the travelers are happy. Some of the discontent has came from the introduction of an electronic transit pass. This has […]