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Which platform has the best games?

Fan boys all over the Internet are claiming that their platform is the best one and that their platform has the best games. I recently read this rather inconclusive article on a Norwegian  gaming site and I decided to put these claims to the test myself. It is impossible to test whether a game is […]

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DRM: Finally a step in the right direction?

It seems the DRM debate finally is taking a step in the right direction and that some publishers are finally understanding their customers. EA recently annonced that The Sims 3 will be shipped without “DRM methods that feel overly invasive or leave you concerned about authorization server access in the distant future”. What this means […]

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World of Goo

World of Goo Trailer 2 Director’s CutUploaded by 2dboy The great game World of Goo has just gotten a Linux release. World of Goo is a cute construction game which is somewhat similar to Bridge Builder but just so much more. It has a nice story and very entertaining game play. It has currently a […]

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