Counting the number of pages in a Word document without the front page

To count the number of pages in a MS Word document without the front page you do the following Press Ctrl+F9. Word inserts an empty set of field code braces Type an equal sign and a space Press Ctrl+F9 again. Word inserts another empty set of field code braces Type NUMPAGES and a space. Position the […]

Hot key for changing your audio device in Windows

I previously wrote about a way of changing the audio device in Windows using AutoHotKey. I have now found a better way, SoundSwitch. SoundSwitch does exactly what it says and nothing more. It allows you to switch between your sound devices using a hot key (default ctrl+alt+F11). I had some problems switching to an USB […]

HBO Nordic on Linux/Ubuntu

HBO Nordic has made some of the best TV-series out there. However, their streaming solutions do not stack up. It does not support Linux (shame on them) and there are other drawbacks compared to other offerings. Luckily there are some great guys and girls out there who have made it possible to run it on Linux […]

Ripping and managing DVD and Blu-ray movies/tv-series

I have previously written about ripping DVDs on Linux, ripping Blu-Rays on Windows and a few other posts on movie management. Lately, I have mostly been using Windows 8.1 and therefore done most of the ripping and management of DVDs, Blu-Rays and digital content on the Windows platform. My living room PC is however still […]

Automatically updated risk matrix in Excel

For some time, I have wanted to make an automatically updated risk matrix in Excel. The matrix should automatically place the risk ID in the right cell of the matrix and show the current trend of the risk. After getting a risk responsibility in a new project I did a few web searches and came across this […]