oyvindhauge Hi and welcome. My name is Øyvind Hauge. I am a happy guy currently living in Trondheim, Norway. If you want to contact me, feel free to have a look at my profile at LinkedIn, send me an email at oyvind[AROBA]oyvindhauge.com, or if you already know me look up my profile at Facebook.

For work

I guess I have to admit that I am a bit of a computer geek. I have a computer science background (MSc and PhD from NTNU). During my PhD I did research on the adoption of Open Source Software (OSS) in commercial for-profit software development. Currently, I am working at Mometo AS as a partner/consultant with a focus on project and programme management.

For fun

For fun I do several things. Most relevant for this blog is perhaps technology, movies, games and books. IMDB is the perfect place to keep track of the movies of the I want to see, have seen and have rated. Of the top 250 IMDB movies I have seen: Top 250 IMDB movies, but I plan to see them all. I probably spend way too much time playing computer games, preferably on the PC. I am also interested in sports, travels, and several other things. However, I will use this blog to write about primarily the geeky stuff which interests me,

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