Hot key for changing your audio device in Windows 7

Often while playing (Battlefield 3 – which I tend to do quite a lot) I use Skype or Steam to chat with friends. To do this I use my headset (Logitech G35 – pretty satisfied by the way). However, when playing alone or using the PC for something besides gaming I want to use my speakers (Creative GigaWorks T3 – pretty satisfied with them too). Changing the sound device manually is pretty simple, however quite boring after the 1000 time. Therefore, I wanted to find a hot key for doing this in Windows.

The solution was just a few simple Google searches away, and I ended up using AutoHotKey and a script from the forum of AutoHotKey. I found it through this link. I copy pasted the script into a text file and stored it as a “*.ahk”-file. I disabled some of the sound devices that were not in use since I had some problems enabling the right device.

Simple as that!

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