Play back of blu-rays with VC-1 encoded video on a Linux (and Windows) PC

Unfortunately, it seems the VC-1 video codec is poorly supported on both the Windows and the Linux platform. Windows Media Player did not want to give me anything but sound. VLC was able to play back the video, but it has a lot of “micro stuttering”. On Linux with XBMC and other media players, I was unable to get anything but sound. If there is a solution to this problem out there, please let me know.

I preferably want to be able to replay the original tracks from the Blu-rays/DVDs that I buy, but I want to play them from my media center (Linux with XBMC). However, with the VC-1 codec, I found no other option than to transcode the video to a H.264 stream. This might cause some quality loss, but as far as I could see it was minimal. A bonus of doing the transcoding is of course reducing the size of the files to about half the size. The instructions below explains how I transcoded the files with VC-1 video streams to be able to view the on Linux.


First, I ripped the Blu-ray using AnyDVD HD.


Second, I transcoded the video using RipBot using the settings above. A lower CRF is supposed to give you the best quality (and the larges files). I selected this one, and I did not include the sound as I did not want to have just a 128 Kbs bit rate. See, for instance, for some more info.

To identify which streams from the blu-ray you want, you might want to have a look at BDInfo. It is normally the largest/longest playlists and streams.

TSMuxeR VC-1

Finally, I added the original HD sound track by combining the sound stream from the blu-ray, with the newly created video file from RipBot. This is easily done using TSMuxer.

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