The Olympics: NRK, Linux, Firefox, and Silverlight/Moonlight

I have previously written about my efforts to see tv (NRK) over the Internet on Linux. While working on my thesis I had to watch a bit of the Olympics (as a distraction). Luckily, NRK streams most of the events over the Internet. Unfortunately, they have decided to use Silverlight version 3 to stream content from the Olympics.

This does not work right out of the box with Ubuntu. Thanks to Anders S. Lund I found the solution, which was to install an alpha version of Moonlight:

  1. Remove the Firefox-VLC plugin: “sudo apt-get remove mozilla-plugin-vlc”
  2. Remove previous versions of Moonlight: In Firefox goto Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions
  3. Download the most recent version of Moonlight:
  4. In case of sluggish performance, turn of all effects by closing the browser and using the following command: “MOONLIGHT_OVERRIDES=effects=no firefox

See the following link for more information/troubleshooting.

MOONLIGHT_OVERRIDES=effects=no firefox

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