Video color problems with trailers from Apple and content from NRK with Ubuntu, Totem, and Movie Player

I have not used my Linux computer that much to watch trailers from Apple and TV from NRK, but I have sometimes experienced problems with a blue-green tint on video content. Since I have not used it that much, it has not really been a major problem. However, it has been a bit annoying.
Mediaplayer/Totem preferences
Mediaplayer/Totem preferences

The fix was relatively simple. It seems as because of some old bug, the Hue in Movie Player/Totem should have been turned off (either to max or min). Now, it seems someone have fixed this bug and the Hue should rather be set to the middle position as illustrated above. Open Movie Player (Applications -> Sound & Video -> Movie Player). Open the display preferences like in the figure (Edit -> Preferences -> Display) and put the slider in the middle position. This did the trick (at least for me).

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