How to speed up very slow Firefox-browsing on Ubuntu

Lately, probably after running some Firefox upgrade on my Ubuntu (9.04) machine, surfing has been very slow. Firefox has used a lot of resources and it has taken a very long time to open pages.

Luckily, by disabling IPv6 it was quite easy to speed it up. The steps below should do the trick (thanks to tribaal at the ubuntuforums):

  • open firefox
  • In the adress bar type in “about:config”
  • In the filter bar type in “ipv6”
  • Double click “network.dns.disableIPv6” so that the value turns to TRUE
  • Restart firefox

This helped my browsing quite a lot and you might give it a shot if you experience slow browsing in Firefox.

Edit: Adding the Flashblock add on my further speed up loading of pages with a lot of flash. Be aware that this add on blocks flash videos and if you want to see them you have to click on them.

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