Xbox 360 Gamercard WordPress Plug-in: Update

A while back I wrote about Oliver Baty’s Xbox 360 gamercard plug-in for WordPress. Since then Microsoft have changed their site a bit, something which created some layout problems for the gamecard plugin. It seems that Oliver has updated his plugin to reflect these change but so have I.

I tried to follow the new look Microsoft gave their page but after upgrading WordPress I lost all style changes I had done (silly me). However, I have tried to replicate some of it and I think it looks half decent. If you would like to use my modifications to Oliver’s plug-in, please download them here. I updated my version to use fopen instead of curl since some web hosts don’t provide curl.

Remember to put the folder (xbox-gamercard) in your plug-in directory and include the content of the .css file in your current theme’s style sheet (style.css). You may delete the .css file (put_into_your_themes_style.css) afterwards.

To use it you simply put [game_card “your_tag”] e.g. [game_card haugeoy] somewhere in one of your posts. Remember to remove the underscore in game_card (write it gamecard) and keep the brackets as brackets, don’t let them be converted to html code.

You may also try gamecardfull to get the following

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