Linux (Ubuntu): Left mouse button (mouse1) not working propperly

I had this strangest problem with my mouse on Ubuntu. When using the left mouse button in a window, for instance Thunderbird, it was grabbing and moving the whole window rather than selecting things within the window. If I pressed the thumb button on the side of the mouse and the left button at the same time, the mouse performed as I would have expected the left button to do alone. Moreover, if I pressed “alt” and the left button it also worked propperly.

I do not know what the problem was but I know what I did to solve it. I went to “System->Preferences->Windows” in the menu in Ubuntu. In the “Windos Preferences” I reselected “alt” as the “movement key” and everything was back to normal. Apparently I must have reset some of the configuration options for the mouse/keyboard when reselecting “alt” as the movement key. As my knowledege about Xorg (the window system in Ubuntu) is limited I am glad I was able to fix it without any further configuration.

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  1. thank you, man. this is exactly what I needed. I totally needed ALT+Mouse1 combination in Blender. Thank you again 🙂

  2. I was trying to figure that one out for myself for quite some time and it was quite annoying not to have the left mouse button. Glad you got Blender working again 😉

  3. yep same for me but i’m OpenSuSE 11.2 with KDE 4.4.1 and the instructions above fixed it for me too. i set the modifier key to meta, applied then back to alt and re-applied. seems to be back to normal. thanks poster

  4. ^^ (EDIT) ^^ that was in configure desktop>window behavior>window behavior (to the left)> under the ‘window actions’ tab ^^ (EDIT) ^^

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