Aigaion 2.1.2 is released

The bibliography tool Aigaion has now been released in a new version. It should be particularly interesting for all of us Norwegians since the new release supports Dutch, German, and Norwegian through the project’s recent internationalization efforts. I have been responsible for the Norwegian translation but I have unfortunately had very little time to verify the quality of my translations. So if you are using Aigaion, know Norwegian, and have a bit of extra time on your hand please check out the new release and provide your feedback in the Aigaion forum or directly into the Norwegian coordination thread. I am sure you will find som strange Norwegian there 😉

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  1. Thanks for the feedback. You have done a good job and any further input is warmly appreciated. Thanks a lot! I will have a look at your suggestions in the Wiki and at the po-file. Then I will commit a new version of the Norwegian translation in the next few days. I have already seen a few issues myself but I have just not had time to correct them. Like “brukernavn” on the log-in button. Hilarious!

  2. Hi Atle, Øyvind,

    thanks for the Norwegian improvements 🙂 When they’re finished we can release them as a separate download on SourceForge.

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