World of Goo

The great game World of Goo has just gotten a Linux release. World of Goo is a cute construction game which is somewhat similar to Bridge Builder but just so much more. It has a nice story and very entertaining game play. It has currently a Metacritics score of 91. You should enjoy the game and at the same time support the development of games for Linux. Head over to 2D Boy Games and get your own copy for just U$D 20.

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  1. Sweet! Just the productivity-killer I needed!

    Tried it a while back under wine, worked ok-ish then, but now I gotta try it as a native GNU/Linux game 😉 Thanks for the update.

  2. I hope you enjoy the game and that it does not steal too much time away from your thesis.

    World of Goo is another great game from a quite tiny developer. I really love those people who can make something great out of limited resources. I would say World of Goo, Braid and Mount & Blade are good examples of what skilled people can do even without the support of EA or another large company.
    When they make great games which run under Linux it is just a must-buy.

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