AMD/ATI Video Adapters connected to a TV – turning it on and off again

I have earlier written about my problems connecting an AMD/ATI video adapter to my TV using a HDMI cable. The problem is that when I change the input source on the TV I will just get a black picture on the TV when I switch back to the PC. The only solution I found was puting Vista into sleep mode and awakening it again. Thanks to frankk74, a forum user at the AMD/ATI support forum, I have now found a way better soultion.

hdmiOn, is a very small and simple program which turns the monitor off and on again. By doing this it enables me to switch input source on the TV and back again to the PC. Then I simply start hdmiOn using a shortkey and I have a perfect picture again. Many thanks to thydzik for this simple soultion. Why cannot AMD/ATI come up with something as simple as this? I just recently installed the new AMD drivers but the problems remain the same.