Game of the year 2008 – the ones I did not play

Another great year of gaming has passed with a bunch of poor, good and outstanding games. Many of which I have played but there are still several games which I have not had time to either get or play (yet). Christmas time is time for gaming and for game of the year awards. Plenty of other sites have summarized the games of 2008 in different ways and now it is my turn. I will start with the games I for some reason did not play. the following are the greatest games of 2008 which I did not play.

I have already own several games which I have had no time to play. These are great titles like Fallout 3, Far Cry 2, Red Alert 3, Saints Row 2 (360) and Sins of a Solar Empire. All these games have been received with pretty good critics and I am really looking forward to starting them up.

Fallout 3 - Art from Bethsoft
Fallout 3 - Art from

Fallout 3 is perhaps the game I am looking forward to the most as it has already been nominated or won several game of the year awards. However, some annoying problems (with codecs?) have stopped me from digging my teeth into it.

Far Cry 2 - Art from Ubi Soft
Far Cry 2 - Art from Ubisoft

Far Cry 2 is probably the game I will start playing first. I really look forward to some good first person shooter action and I expect Far Cry to be quite a lot shorter than Fallout. If I start with Fallout I will probably not be able to play any other game for a long time.

Dead Space - Screenshot from EA
Dead Space - Screenshot from EA

Additionally, I have a wish list currently consisting of Brothers in Arms Hells Highway, Civilization 4 – Colonization, Crysis Warhead, Dead Space (360), Fable 2 (360), Mirror’s Edge (360), World of Goo and X3: Terran Conflict. Many of these have gotten great critics and I will most likely get some or all of them. Particularly Dead Space looks like a very good game and it has also been nominated in several game of the year awards.

Little Big Planet - Scrrenshot from Gamespot
Little Big Planet - Scrrenshot from Gamespot

However, the best game which I did not play, is not in my collection nor in my wish list. Since I do not own a Playstation 3 I will most likely not play Little big planet. Nevertheless, Little big planet steals the game of the year award 2008 for the games I did not play. Little big planet is the only game which has even made me consider wanting a Playstation 3. I do not care about Metal Gear Solid, Gran Turismo or any other of the games available only on PS3. Little big planet is an innovative and cute newcomer which has totally charmed me.

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