Surfing the wave

A really old keyboard

Since I am working in front of the computer most of the day, the keyboard is really one of my most important tools. After my wireless Logitech keyboard at the office suddenly stopped working I was left with an old replacement keyboard. This old keyboard was almost as thick as the one in the image above and it was a pain to use. At least it felt that way.

Logitech Wave

I have had various Logitech mices and keyboards I am pretty satisfied with most of them. Probably the best keyboard I have had is my old wireless Logitech natural keyboard from 1999. I am still using it, currently for writing this entry. The wireless mentioned above one was probably the first one which stopped working. Having a weakness for Logitech equipment it was not a surprise that I ended up with a new Logitech package. After reading a couple of reviews I ended up with the Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave. It was relatively cheap, cordless with a tiny USB receiver and it got good feedback from users around the Internet.

I have been using the keyboard and mouse for about a month now and I am satisfied with it and I would recommend it for people looking for an “office keyboard”. The keyboard has a nice soft pad where you can rest your braces, and the keys are really smooth and nice to type with. If you are looking for either a gaming or a HTPC keyboard/mouse package I would perhaps look at other options. The package is wireless and the range of the mouse is not that good. I ended up having the reciever close to my screen, just 20-30 cm from where I have the mouse. Just putting the reciever in the PC about a 1-1.5m away did not work very well with several hickups. This would mean that it if you have to put an USB cable trough your living room it is no point of having a wireless keyboard in the first place. Second, hickups in an onlie frag fest is not very fun.