A PhD on Open Source on Open Source Part 6 – Running Windows Applications on Linux (No More Windows Whining With Wine)

Wine is an open source implementation of the Windows API, meaning that it enables you to run a wide variety of Windows applications on Linux. I have known of Wine for quite some time but as normally have had a Windows computer around I have not gone to the trouble of installing it. I guess I have been a bit skeptical as well, however for no reason. Lately, I have put my Windows computer to rest at home and I am only using Linux (Ubuntu) on my work machine. Most of the applications I use are cross platform and of course open source.

Even though the Norwegian government has established a competency center for open source software, the government has only started using a few open source software applications. One of which is not open source is the application for getting travel refunds. This is clearly an important application but it is unfortunately only a Windows application.

Travel refund application running on Linux through Wine

Normally I have used this program on Windows but a few days ago I did not have any PC with Windows so I decided to try Wine. I must say I was impressed. I opened the Synaptic Package Manager in Ubuntu, searched for Wine and installed it. Piece of cake. Then I just downloaded and opened the msi-file for the travel refund application. Wine automatically fired up and installed the application perfectly. Within seconds I was completing my travel form (which is really a pain).

I have not used Wine much besides this travel refund application. However, it worked flawlessly with the Olypus DSS Player, which we use for listening to recordings of interviews, as well. Bottom line, I was impressed by Wine’s simple installation and that it worked flawlessly out-of-the-box. Based on my somewhat limited experience I would warmly recommend it.

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  1. Great! But since I don’t use Linux I don’t find it useful right now. Maybe in the future.
    Thanks for sharing this article 🙂

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