A PhD on Open Source on Open Source Part 3 – Setting up a Latex Thesis Template

In the previous part of this series I wrote about using Latex to write a thesis. I will now give stepwise instructions to how to set up a new project using Eclipse and Texlipse and how to use a thesis template. The template is a skeleton made for writing a thesis based on a collection of paper, not a monography. The Latex version can be downloaded and adapted to your own needs.

First, download and install Eclipse. Second, install Texlipse by following these instructions. Then follow the four steps below.

One, create a new project.

Create a new project

Two, select a Latex project.

Select a Latex project

Three, give the project a name.

Give the project a name

Four, select the output and source folders. I always use src and out and so does the template.

Select source (src) and output (out) folders

Five, extract the files from the template into the project’s folder under the your workspace. Finally, refresh  the content of your project.

Refresh project files

The project is now ready to be modified all you want. Good luck with your thesis 🙂