Metallicats: Concert and New Record

Metallicats, our favorite dance band

My all time favorite dansband “The Metallicats” are about to release a new album in September. They are furthermore having a concert in Bergen, Norway tomorrow night. Expectations for both the concert and the new album are relatively high after listening to some of the new material they have released at I would recommend any fan to have a look at the site for their new record. It is most likely set up to help them make even more money but it is fun to see some behind the scene stuff and listen to the old concert recordings they give you for free.

Even though I like the way the Metallicats inlay from Garage Inc make fun of all the other ugly album covers, I hope the album cover is somewhat different. I am looking forward to new heavy riffs and plenty of new solos on Death Magnetic which can be pre-ordered now (from Platekompaniet here in Norway). Metallica has also announced that you can play the entire album through the console game Guitar Hero III on release day.