Lost in new mysteries

Lost with new unanswered questions again

I really do not watch a lot of tv and tv-series (at least not until they start broadcasting over the Internet and allow me to decide when I want to watch them)  but after finishing season four of Lost I was again left with more questions than answers.

I know they do this to make me watch season five, six, seven … and seventy eight but don’t they realize that the viewers get tired of all the new unanswered questions and mysteries? Prison Break is a prime example of this. The first 13 episodes were great but I totally lost interest when they decided to kill Peter Stormare and make a new season and yet another one. What’s next, “Retirement Home Break”? I do not know and I do not care.

Why can’t the makers of tv series try to make some good series, bring closure to open questions and try to make up new stories rather than endlessly drawing out the same story. Band of Brothers on the other hand is a good example. A good series, with a start, 10 good episodes and an end. Way to go!