Reinstalling Ubuntu

After installing Ubuntu (a Linux distribution) on my computer at work in 2005 and upgrading it ever since I decided to reinstall it. The upgrad process has worked really well from 5 to 6, 6 to 7, and now from version 7 to 8 but I after unsucsessfully trying to install some Eclipse plugins I had some problems with Eclipse and decided to reinstall everything.

First, the installation process is really simple and really fast. It takes perhaps 30-45 mins on three year old computer. A colleague, sitting next to me, was really impressed by how fast it was. Second, no need to install any drivers. Third, all, or at least most of the software you would need to normal work is already installed. Installing a couple of other products can easily be done through either a simple search in the graphical user interface or through apt get install.

Some new Compiz features were available when installing again from scratch. These make the desktop look quite slick. I really like it. There are probably several other very good Linux distributions out there but after using Ubuntu for the three last years I would really recommend it. Go to and try it out yourself.

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