St€am to offer games in “local” currency

Steam wants you to bend over

Steam wants you to bend over

Valve announced that they are going to start offering games through Steam in “local” currency. The local currency in Norway is according to Valve Euro. Last time I checked, Norway was not part of the European Union and our local currency is still “kroner” (Norwegian crowns). Offering games in Euro could have been fair enough unless they decided to keep the prices at the same amount as the prices in dollars. In other words 1$=1€. For a Norwegian that is today a price increase of 42%. Ridiculous!

I have earlier written about how satisfied I have been with Steam but I am not bending over and paying for instance about 480 NOK for Far Cry 2 through Steam when I can get it for 190 NOK from

Edit: Please leave a comment in this thread in Steams forum to show your unhappyness.


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